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The gaming office chair is an ergonomic and fashionable product, in the gaming office chair color matching and design of appearance are outstanding, and the safety of the product can be tested by third-party testing institutions.
1. fabric diversity, PU material, high-end atmosphere. Mesh material, breathable and comfortable.
2. sponge: the use of high resilience of the original sponge, increased comfort, and extended service life.
3. armrest optional: according to different office conditions can choose different functions of the armrest, such as fixed, flip-type, lift type, etc.
4. can be customized according to the different positions of different accessories and colors.
5. air rod, through the SGS safety certification of explosion-proof air rod, safe and reliable.

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Anji Shengzhe Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional production of office chairs, electronic sports chair enterprises, committed to production research and development to improve the process, As China Wholesale Gaming Office Chair Manufacturers and Gaming Office Chair Suppliers, the company was founded in 2019, mainly exported to Germany, Japan, Spain, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Canada, France, Argentina and other dozens of countries, the cooperation of customers there are many listed companies, high visibility in the industry.
The company always adheres to technological innovation as the source of enterprise development, the company always insists that product quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development, the company's products implement the United States ANSI/BIFMA5.1, Europe EN1335, EN12520, EN1728, EN1022 testing standards, In line with the QB/T 2280-2007 national office chair industry standard, and through the BV, TUV, SGS, UL and other third parties global authority standard test, and through the BSCI quality inspection certification.
In the new development stage, the company will make consumers more aware of the health seat, with the mission of "integrating technology and art, making work and life healthier", constantly strengthening research and development and innovation, and continuously to improve the scientific and technological level of the health seat; continuously to promote lean manufacturing, and continuously strengthening the overall ability to provide quality products; Integrate all resources, vigorously promote business model innovation and management model innovation, and strive to become a world-renowned health system provider. Your satisfaction is our comparatively large motivation.
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We have our own production workshops and warehouses, equipped with complete production and quality inspection equipment.

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Gaming Office Chair Industry Knowledge Extension

What is a Gaming Office Chair
A PU material Ergonomic gaming office chair is a hybrid furniture piece that combines the ergonomic features of an office chair with the design elements and gaming-related features of a gaming chair. It is designed to provide comfort, support, and style for users who spend extended hours at a desk for both work and gaming activities.
The gaming office chair typically shares some common features with regular gaming chairs, such as a sporty and aggressive design, adjustable armrests, lumbar support, and a high backrest with a headrest pillow. These features are intended to enhance the comfort and ergonomics of the chair, reducing strain and fatigue during long gaming or working sessions.
In addition to the gaming-specific features, a gaming office chair includes ergonomic elements commonly found in quality office chairs. These may include adjustable seat height, tilt mechanism, and proper lumbar support to promote better posture and reduce the risk of developing musculoskeletal issues from prolonged sitting.

What are the key features of a  Gaming Office Chair?
The key features of a PU material Ergonomic gaming office chair combine the ergonomic support and comfort of an office chair with gaming-specific elements to enhance the overall gaming experience. These chairs are designed to provide users with comfort and support during extended periods of work and gaming. Here are the key features you can find in a gaming office chair:
Ergonomic Design: Gaming office chairs prioritize ergonomic design to promote a healthy sitting posture. They often feature a contoured backrest that follows the natural curve of the spine and provides adequate lumbar support.
Adjustability: The chair should have multiple adjustable features to accommodate various body types and preferences. Common adjustable elements include seat height, tilt mechanism, backrest angle, and armrest height and width.
Comfortable Padding: Gaming office chairs typically come with thick and high-quality padding on the seat and backrest to ensure comfort during long gaming or work sessions.
Headrest and Lumbar Support: Many gaming office chairs include a removable headrest pillow and adjustable lumbar support cushion to provide additional comfort and support for the neck and lower back.
Armrests: Adjustable armrests allow users to find the most comfortable position for their arms and shoulders. They should be padded and ergonomically shaped to support the arms while typing or gaming.
Material and Upholstery: Gaming office chairs are often upholstered with durable and breathable materials such as PU leather, fabric, or mesh. The choice of material affects the chair's comfort and longevity.
Swivel and Casters: The chair should have a 360-degree swivel base to allow users to move freely without straining. Smooth-rolling casters on the base make it easy to move the chair across different surfaces.
Sturdy Frame: A strong and stable frame is essential for the chair's durability and safety. Look for chairs made from high-quality materials that can support your weight.
Style and Aesthetics: Gaming office chairs often have a sporty and modern design that appeals to gamers and those who appreciate gaming aesthetics. They come in various color options to match different gaming setups.
Gaming-Related Features: Some gaming office chairs may include additional gaming-related features, such as built-in speakers, vibration motors for haptic feedback, and cable management solutions.
Weight Capacity: Check the weight capacity of the chair to ensure it can support your body weight comfortably.
Warranty: Look for chairs that come with a reasonable warranty to protect against any manufacturing defects.